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    July 13, 2011
    7:00 - 9:00am EDT  

good morning, america. breaking overnight. how safe is your airport? new government documents show several security breaches a day, 25,000 since 9/11. the outcry this morning, that we are still vulnerable to attack. new this morning, a major announcement for every parent tired of chicken fingers and mac cheese, american restaurants cutting down on calories. will they eat oranges and pineapple instead of fries. who is stalking halle berry? their suspect tried to break into her home three times in three days. face to face with halle in her own house. the shark strikes back. imagine reeling in one of the
ocean's most dangerous predators and get yanked in the water. one-on-one with the shark all caught on tape. there is just video of everything these days. >> i was thinking the same thing. cameras are everywhere. >> even in the face of a shark. we'll get to that but a lot of breaking developments this morning. this debt crisis in washington is getting very scary. the speaker of the house warning of economic problems and president obama for the first time saying that social security recipients in august may not receive their checks. >> and that got everybody's attention. >> it sure did. >> a leading medical journal raising eyebrow, get this, should extremely obese children be taken from their parents for their own good and placed in foster care? that coming out as many of the biggest chain restaurants are
getting ready to overhaul kids' menus. we'll talk to dr. b. >> we're still thinking of that me at the home run derby. keith carmickle, he mell, saved. his brother and friends saved him. what was he doing on that ledge in the first place? the brothers are here with us this morning. we are going to ask them and, you know, keith does say he has learned his lesson. >> certainly. so he caught three balls going for four and people are trying to make comparisons to what happened in texas with the firefighter there at the game and don't know if you can do that. >> quite different but echo such a sad -- such a sad moment, that rangers game. >> a busy morning. the stunning report about security at the nation's airports. new numbers from the federal government showing that there have been more than 25,000 security breaches in the past decade. abc's lisa stark is in washington with the latest. lisa? >> reporter: good morning,
robin. well, billions have been spent on aviation security since the 9/11 attacks, and critics worry that these latest numbers show that we still have a ways to go to ensure that our skies are safe. the lapses occurred at security checkpoints with the screening of checked luggage and there were breaches of airport perimeters. according to the documents from the transportation security administration itself, some 14,000 people managed to get into secure areas of airports. it happened at newark last year. a lovesick boyfriend snuck through a security exit to bid his girlfriend good-bye. thousands had to be rescreened and there were 6,000 cases where passengers and carry-on luggage were not screened or not screened properly. >> there are still despite the expenditure of $20 billion plus since 9/11 lots of security gaps that remain in aviation. >> reporter: this comes as a stun gun was discovered sunday on a jetblue flight from boston
to newark. last month a nigerian-american got on to a flight without a proper ticket or identification. and in december, a loaded hi high-powered glock like this one made it on to a flight from houston. the tsa tells abc news that the 25,000 breach, many of which it characterized as minor, represent a tiny fraction of 1% of the billions of passengers screened at the nation's 450 airports since 9/11. quote! of these instances were thwarted or stopped in the act and airports today are safer than ever before." >> only one security breach can be catastrophically fatal. >> reporter: now, all of this will be scrutinized today before a house subcommittee on national security. the chairman told me he's concerned about the fact that more than 900 had you thousand people have clearances to get into the secure or restricted areas of the airport. he wants to make sure those
folks have been checked out carefully enough. george? >> okay, lisa, thanks. to the latest in the debt limit showdown. remember that august 2nd is the day america's credit line runs out, but the washington talks to extend that limit are deadlocked which could create chaos in financial markets and real costs for every american. last night for the first time president obama warned that social security recipients might not get their august checks. >> i cannot guarantee that those checks go out on august 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it. >> given what's going on in europe something could spook the market and missing august 2nd could spook the market and you could have a real catastrophe. nobody wants that to happen. >> with that let me bring in our team. jake tapper, jon karl on capitol hill. jon, given the deadlock, the senate republican leader mitch mcconnell says he doesn't think a deal can be reached so calm up
with a last-ditch fallback. >> reporter: last choice option, only if the talks completely collapse. it's complicated but the bottom line is, it would give the president the authority on his own to gradually raise that debt ceiling by $2.5 trillion between now and the election. the political burden is all the president's. he can do it without spending cuts and even in the face of opposition from the majority in congress. i talked to a lot of republicans in the house, rank and file, who say it's not acceptable. they want real spending cut, a lot of them and nothing else. >> there's no guarantee of spending cuts even though it would avoid tax increases. any openness in the white house to that and where do they think the talks are right now? are they as pessimistic as mr. mcconnell? >> reporter: well, mcconnell's deal sent two signals to the white house, one, good news to them, republicans are serious about trying to avoid defaulting on the debt, but the second one
is that there are some republicans that would rather have no deal at all, no spending cuts at all than either -- than if it required raising taxes even one dollar. as for the status right now, staff members for the white house and congressional leaders are trying to work on what from those biden deals about a trillion dollars in spending cuts not from entitlement cuts or tax increases but about a trillion dollars in spending cuts they can agree on and reconvene at 4:00. >> that is not nearly enough for the republicans right now in the house. >> reporter: no, not at all. in fact, many of the real rank and file in the house say they want of dollars in cut and think that's more important than fear of default. they would rather face default than not get spending cuts. >> on another subject. real news from the president on his presidential campaign this morning. >> reporter: that's right. they set the goal for the obama 2012 goal, dnc of $60 million. they far surpassed it, $86
million for more than 500,000 donors. average donation, $69. >> almost triple what all the republicans have raised. jake and jon, thanks very much. >> going to switch gears because today the national restaurant association is unveiling a new initittive that's billed as providing healthier choices for kids at the nation's fast food restaurants. 19 major fast food chains are participating including burger king, chili's, ihop and friendly's. dr. b, dr. richard besser, will break it down for us. what's the main points? >> this iss really great news. giving parents choices. the big change is that on menus that participate in this program there will be meals with at least one combination of -- that has 600 calories or less and with that, the side dish will have to be 200 calories or less and looking at guideline, increase increased fruits and vegetable,
lean protein, whole grains and low fat dairy. >> choices are good. options are good, but the difference, what's the real difference here? >> well, you know, that's the big question. there is a recent study out of yale and looked at 20 fast food chain, 3,000 different combinations of kids' food. only 27 of them met the kind of guidelines we're talking about here. the big issue is will they be promoting these healthy guidelines or be one item on the menu and kids are still going for the fries. >> kind of related is getting a lot of buzz. "the journal of the american medical association," a piece where harvard doctors are suggesting if you have a child that is really obese, that that child should be taken from their parents and put into foster care. what do you think about that? >> absolutely not. you know, demonizing parents is not the way to go. let's go after the companies that are marketing to children all this junk food. let's go after the schools that are getting rid of gym classes and look at neighborhoods where
your only choice for food is fast food before you start taking a child away from their parents, absolutely not. >> does a parent have any responsibility, though? >> yes, of course, they're part of the problem, but bring someone to work with parents. >> educaca them. >> and take a look at the foster care system before you think about putting more kids in that system. >> there are 2 million obese children in the u.s. can you imagine if they were going into foster care. >> hopefully this will help with the conversation. >> it is a conversation that you'll have on twitter. i'm sure people will ask you about that actually, thank you. >> our new report out on casey anthony. she may be changing her name and disguising her "avatar" she leaves jail. "the chicago sun-times" says she's considered plastic surgery and ashleigh banfield has been on the case every step of the way. there are real concerns for her safety. >> i did speak with her lead attorney. he hasn't mentioned anything like that. he said i'm not telling you what our plans are because this is one of the best kept seeks and
probably for her own good. the investigators who worked for three year, blood, sweat and tears looking for evidence, looking for truth finally spoke to the press about their feelings about this verdict. with a giant photo of caylee anthony beside them investigators gathered to discuss the case one last time. the photo, said the sheriff, should remind everyone what this case was truly about. >> the father and the grandfather -- i have a 3-year-old granddaughter, it is disturbing to me. i wouldn't wish what happened to him on any parent. >> reporter: while the verdict sparked outrage, the detectives were stoic. they stood by their case, but accepted the outcome. >> i certainly don't have any doubt. we worked very hard on this case. i think all of us respected the jury system and we respect the jury's verdict. >> reporter: lead investigator yuri melich was calm, a far cry
from the frantic voice on tape interrogating a lying casey anthony. >> what happened to -- >> i don't know. >> sure, you do. her rotten body is starting to decompose because everything you've told us we've locked you into a lie. >> to this day i'm still surprised she didn't come off -- she wouldn't tell us the truth and that's all we were after was the truth. >> reporter: prosecutors are officially declining to pursue a perjury case against cindy anthony on the stand. >> that prompted me to look up chloroform. >> reporter: but the legal troubles continue for casey. the people behind the massive search for caylee filed suit against her saying she admitted in court that caylee was never missing but died in the backyard pool. they want to recoup the $112,000 they spent searching for nothing. and some exclusive information this morning from the
prosecutors' office about conversations the jurors were having behind closed doors. they weren't thrilled with prosecutors saying good morning to them like the defense did every day but for their part the prosecutors are saying they'y' received thousands of e-mails and letters and they have not come across one that is disappointed with their work. >> they complained about the good morning. >> this is honestly from those who watch over the jurors. it was reported to the prosecutors. >> okay, ashleigh, thanks very much. >> good morning, josh. what do you got? >> good morning, george, robin and ashleigh. the tragic story unfolding at this hour here in new york. a boy who disappeared walking home from day camp has been found dead. police found 8-year-old leibowitzby kletzky dismembered body stuffed in a suitcase. he is a member of the orthodox jewish community. they tracked him down using surveillance video and he led them to the boy's body.
a federal appeals court is siding with jared loughner ruling he cannot be forced to take antipsychotic drugs that could harm him. the court says that trumps the prosecutor's attempts to heal loughner's schizophrenia so he's deemed fit for trial. they forcibly medicated him after he threw chairs and spit upon people. rupert murdoch's company is considering selling all of its british newspapers in the wake of that massive phone hacking and bribery scandal. that's according to "the wall street journal" which murdoch also owns. it says the company is already looking for potential buyers for the son and "times" of london. a couple fishermen off the california coast got a little more action than they bargained for. home video shows them reeling in a thresher shark. as you're about to see, things didn't go quite as planned. scotty westguard and david
saldamando of santa barbara describe themselves as hard-core anglers. this takes it to a new level. >> there's no sound like a real screaming to get you excited. >> reporter: struggling for more than half an hour he finally reeled in this eight-foot-long thresher shark grabbing the tail head down but then the shark strikes back. >> got to lean away. lean away. >> right then the shark just bucks and i cannot get enough leverage to do anything about it so it just flipped me instantly and i was in the water. >> reporter: overboard you can see the shark dangerously close. >> once you're in the water it's a whole different scenario. you can see that shot of that shark dangling below him. at any moment that shark could have arched up and taken his achilles out, a thigh. >> reporter: he managed to scramble back into his kayak, a little embarrassss but not hurt. and so would have ended my
angling and kayaking career. as a frequenter off the waters of santa barbara, you that's not what you do, at least not in a kayak. >> hey, sam. >> hey, good morning, george, robin, a good of good weather news. our heat wave has been snapped in half. from yesterday where it's bad it's very, very bad. owensboro, kentucky, heat index of 123. virtually impossible to cool down your body. the cold front got halfway into the nation so memphis, 117. your heat index, new orleans, your heat index, 111. still dangerous bad numbers but here's where it's much better, green bay, detroit, chicago, pittsburgh, new york city, it is gorgeous in times square right now. we'll have all the nation's weather in the next half hour.
>> hope your having a good start y morning. nesda cooler, drier air. a few days for it to ride. thunderstorms later should easeing, but by the evening. 88 93 for a daytime high. 40% chance for showers and storms. gradual yesterday, 24state has heat
warnings or advisories, today, 11. robin? >> glad it's down. thank you. the u.s. women's soccer team getting ready to hit the field for the world cup semifinals today following their heart-stopping amazing win over brazil. joining us live from germany are two members of the 1999 team that won over the country and walked away with the cup, mia hamm and brandi chastain. thank you very much for joining us. brandi, let me start with you. we are still talking about that win over the weekend. how does a team put their emotions in check and get ready for today's game, brandi? >> well, we've been talking about it a lot over the last two days, and basically this team knows. they're a professional team. they know they can be excited about what happened against brazil but now it's really time to change gears and get ready for france and that's what they will have done very, very quickly after that game was over. >> oh, come on. can they do it that quickly? really, you too, mia. >> you know how it is.
>> well, i think you definitely enjoy it, you know, overnight and pia has done a great job of keeping them levelheaded, not getting too high or too low. they definitely enjoyed it and when they go out for training it's about recovery and i'm getting ready for the next match. >> when we talked to abby and hope they were already focused looking toward to france. they want to do what you did is win the world cup, two matches left. tell us about france. we don't know much about them. brandi, they haven't made it this far before in the world cup. >> no, they haven't and that's kind of why it's so exciting the u.s. is playing france. this will be a new team for america and the world really to watch. they have some very talented players, players that have played in america in the wps in camille and sonia. two quality players. but they have some players up front that are really dangerous kind of like mia hamm here who
can score goals. deli, players and names you'll see and say, wow, those are pretty good players. >> no one has ever scored more goals than that girl right beside you. mia, i'll let you have the final word, the prediction, what is going to happen against france? >> well, i think it's going to be a tough match. france plays a beautiful style of soccer. they get numbers forward and back in defense. the u.s. is going to have to possess the ball and take advantage of their chances, but i feel at least a 2-1 victory today. >> at least, all right. >> yeah. >> somehow i knew you would say that i know you feel the same way too, brandi. i know it's a busy and exciting day. thanks for sharing a portion with us. we'll be watching as always. >> we hope to see you over here for the final. >> oh, i get to go to germany. thank you. thanks for the shoutout, all right. show your support for team usa by going to and get a special sticker and see the game on espn before i head to
germany, see it at 11:30 eastern on espn today. >> coming up here, who is haunting halle berry?
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anlive, and in hd, this is abc7 news update. >> good morning. by checking on the commute.
metro rail is in good shape. delays some hefty growing southbound 95. ian lehman college park to get silver spring with a five- accident. take you like to the - out ofof the let - delays and now past the green belt. in college park with one. the next cameras, northbound 95 delays in lorton. rec was on the left side of the highway. the wreck was of the left side of the highway. 3 for a daytime high. rely chance for showers and thunderstorms. front making its region. s the tonight gradual clearing. the day tomorrow, lower humidity
comfortable temperatures. around 85 for a daytime high. extended outlook shows sunshine the upcoming weekend. traffic is moving along the beltway and tyson's corner, but a mess overnight. authority shut down part of the l hours afterevera crane and not the highway. to dominion powers says crews will at all a permanent fix traffic will not be affected. updateer news 7:56. r continue -- continuous local ne
watch this moments in monday night's home run derby. keith carmickle going out of the stands. his brother and his friends holding on with every ounce of their strength. boy, so hard to watch. >> i cringe every time i see it during the home run derby. >> well, keith and his brother craig are here this morning. we'll hear from them live. they'll tell us what they were thinking at that moment, what they've learned from this and they also have a special remembrance for the family of that fallen firefighter in texas. >> we're all city thinking about that family. got a question for you, was this child cured after visiting a shrine and was it really a miracle? we'll head to the small midwestern town where so many of
the faithful are flocking to right now. >> bill weir has that story. and love the story of the marine who scored quite a date with mila kunis. we saw that video yesterday with a little help from justin timberlake. how we'll hear from marine sergeant scott morris, all about it, all the big plans. good sport, mila. >> i love when j.t. said, do it for your country. do it for your country, mila. the latest celebrity stalking case. a man has been arrested for allegedly harassing halle berry. she says he terrorized her on her own property three times within three days. abc's ryan owens joins us from l.a. with the latest. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. halle berry says she is extremely frightened of this man. she asked for and was granted this restraining order against 27-year-old richard franco. he's unemployed and this morning he's locked up.
what police say unfolded at halle berry's home in the hollywood hills is nothing short of terrifying. all weekend police say a stalker tried to get inside. saturday he allegedly jumped the fence and was chased away by one of berry's employees. sunday, officers say he came back, jumped the fence again and this time came face to face with berry through her kitchen window. he ran off. but late monday night he showed up again, finally caught by the actress' private security detail and arrested. >> stalkers are out to connect with an idea that doesn't really exist. >> i'm always careful now. >> reporter: paris hilton recently spoke exclusively to the show "the insider" about her stalker, 36-year-old james rainford arrested just last week for violating a restraininging order when he showed up again at hilton's malibu beach house. >> you feel badly because it's a
dangerous situation. if they're going to come that far and come to your house, you know, god knows what they would do if they were face to face with you. >> reporter: three months ago she did come face to face with him. rainford was caught on camera attacking hilton's then boyfriend as the couple walked outside an l.a. courthouse. >> that is the guy that biked to my house. >> who is this guy? >> oh, my god. that's another intruder who came to my house on a bike. >> if they tap into the idea that i can connect with this person, i'm going to be whole. i'm going to be special. i'm going to feel good about myself. >> reporter: what's particularly frightening here is the suspect in the halle berry case has a violent criminal record. in some of the court filings she said he "invaded and trampled on the most fundamental sense of security i have." robin, she's not just worried about the safety of herself but her young daughter, of course.
>> absolutely. thank you, ryan, so much. >> to that terrifying moment from monday night's home run derby days after a firefighter fell to his death keith carmickle tumbled out of the stands but thanks to quick reacting family and friends, but before we talk to them, take another look. it all started when prince fielder hit a towering shot toward the right field bleachers. >> that one is toward the pool, fellows. >> keith carmickle was waiting. balanced precariously on a table 18 inches wide next to the railing. when he lunged for the ball he slipped. he was about to tumble 20 feet head first and possibly a person below when his brother craig and several others grabbed him and hung on. an incredible scene echoing last year's scene when shannon stone fell 20 feet to his death tossed to him by a player.
his 6-year-old watching feet away. luckily for carmichael who already caught three baseballs his brother and friends were able to reach him in time and pull him back to safety. and we are joined by keith carmickle along with his brother craig. i'm watching you watch that video again. you don't blink. you're shaking your head. can you believe it happened? >> it happened and it's very disturbing to watch right now. after what happened to the stone fami family. thanks for my brother, friends being there when they were. you know, using bad judgment on my part. >> what were you thinking? >> in the moment. people -- i don't think they understand home run derby is a pretty big thing. watching people, sports
memorabilia, watching people ju just, i stepped up on the ladder there and tumbled overboard before i realized what happened. >> i thought you were a lot closer to the ball. it was quite far away. >> at first when it came off the bat, it seemed like it was coming directly at us, yes. >> when did you realize. >> i was looking at the home run and then i just saw my brother fall in front of me and at that point in time i grabbed on because i couldn't believe it was happening. >> what were -- where did you have him? >> what's that? >> where did you have him. >> i had him on his arm and i came back and grabbed his leg, i had his arm and leg as he was falling over. >> everyone around -- >> yeah just supported us. >> it seemed like it took for 20 minutes but it was actually just a couple seconds. >> you're looking down.
>> uh-huh. >> what do you say? >> actually i don't recall seeing or thinking much, just hearing screams from fans in the sta stands. the look in my brother's face, my friends' face just appear, you know, can we hold on to this guy? i'm not -- i'm 250 pounds. >> you weren't letting go. >> no, i wasn't letting go. >> that's a brother's love. >> well, it's so great to see that and so glad to have you here and it's so clear that you've learned big lesson from this and brought two of the baseballs that you actually had caught before. >> yeah. we caught three that night and we -- keith gave one to a kid that was there with his mom. he was a big papi fan, so keith caught the big papi home run that came over our way and i gave it to the son just to say, here you go, son and it made
that kid's day. >> priceless, the look on his face. >> we have these two and i would like to put them up on ebay or some form so we can get some proceeds and i want to give those proceeds back to the stone memorial fund so -- >> the firefighter -- >> yeah, most definitely and it's something we can do, you know, keith is alive. he's right next to me, you know, we're definitely fortunate. >> and blessed. >> our family, definitely is -- this is something we can do for the stone family so we'd like to -- >> i can only imagine what the stone family is going through. >> we all share those feelings and that's a beautiful gesture. thank you for coming in and thanks for doing that and it is just so good to see you here and to see how much you've learned from this. >> i've learned a lot. >> thanks, guys. >> go to sam now with the weather. >> hey, george, a look live in atlanta this morning will show you one of the places dealing with heavy heat in the past
couple day, thunderstorms to break it. that will happen for the next few, 99 in atlanta but here's where the real relief comes in. as a cold front uncharacteristically drops into the south you'll be cooler than you have been since june in atlanta by friday. the first time you will have dropped below the 90-degree mark. here's where the heavy rain will be. good news. look at how much of the south is covered by one of the biggest droughts in history. there are about 20 -- no, no, wait a minute. how many states -- about -- if i count them, about 14 states. 14 states in the highest level awaiting theiously the cold front. temperatures a bit cooler for the day today. 88 to 93. once t >> heat and drought go hand in hand. that's why this doubt may be one of the biggest in u.s. history. all this brought to you by audi.
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and makes you look younger. can your anti-aging makeup do that? simply ageless from olay and easy, breezy beautiful, covergirl. back at 7:43. big numbers of believers are flocking to one of the first sites in the u.s. to be named holy by the catholic church, a small midwestern town where the virgin mary is said to have appeared and the stories of new miracles have so many showing up now. abc's bill weir went there to
find out for himself. >> reporter: through the ages countless numbers have claimed to make supernatural contact with the mother of god. but only a select few get the blessing of the vatican. catholic church is why guadalupe, louds and fatima went from obscure corners of the planet to holy epicenter draws millions of pilgrims. to find the newest location on the official list of polee e epicenters you'll drive through a city that have seen more than a few hail mary passes, green bay, wisconsin. outside the don't blink or you'll miss it town of champion, sits a tiny shrine surrounded by pasture and lately huge numbers of true believers. you believe that the virgin mary was here. >> i do. >> yeah. >> reporter: all abuzz with stories of recent miracles here like the case of little joann
derson. born to a drug addicted mother and adopted by a devout christian family. joe's new mom kept a keen eye on her toddler's health. >> last summer he had a whole bunch of bruises and i asked a pediatrician to test him for leukemia and he had it. >> that must have been devastating emotionally. >> i can't even tell you. i just -- i know our faith in god kicked in and, yeah, it was bad, obviously and the whole family moved into the hospital. >> so what are you doing? >> reporter: after months of chemotherapy his doctors were considering a risky bone marrow transplant when his grandmother suggested a trip to that little shrine. >> close to that time joe lit candles then jenny said to him, joey, ask jesus to make you get better. so he looked up and he said
please make me get better. >> the next day dr. bent called me at home and said the leukemia was gone. >> reporter: gone completely. >> he had no leukemia. >> reporter: do you miss being in the hospital, joe? >> nope. i miss the nurses. >> reporter: you miss the nurses. you're strong. with his leukemia now in remission his family's faith is stronger than ever. could this miracle have happened if you hadn't brought joe to the shrine? >> i don't know. i just know that's where the miracle happened. >> reporter: but joe's doctor is not so convinced. so it was the medicine. >> i think the medicine -- the medicine did its job, yes. >> it's not like they aren't believers. >> reporter: but this probably dissuade the believers whose faith gets stronger during football season. this is green bay packer country, my home state. i have cheese in my veins.
you must have gotten some request for the packers. >> it's not coincidence they won the super bowl this year. >> more on tonight's "primetime nightline" special at 10:00, 9:00 central. what happened on the royal honeymoon gone wrong.
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still ahead, the blind date of a lifetime or what. what the marine said when the movie star said yes. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪ w(crickets chirping)
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the black eyed peas, coming up. s is an, and in hd, thi news update. >> 7:56 on this wednesday, july 13. begin by looking at the road yes. >> in some spots that look like trip. rful to the map this morning. in virginia where is backing up on eastbound 66. street.wreck atat kin
a minor crash after the toll plaza. a crash near new hampshire on the beltway. as the trip on 270, we live on the camera. metro rail is on normal service. insist the awaiting the front later onld today. 93 for a daytime high. a ticket for an isolated thunderstorm or shower. mid-60's to lower 70's in the suburbs tonight. tomorrow low humidity and cooler temperatures. around 85 degrees with lots sunshine. weather will stick on friday. increased humidity for the time coming weekend. should be a normal trip
metro's red line. problem on the red line. and we will have another news update at 8:27. for continuous local news
♪ ♪ take a chance on me >> take a look at this video. you would think this marine showed enough bravery by going to the front lines of iraq or afghanistan but how is this for courage. gets online and asks a movie star for a blind date. it's mila kunis and she said yes thanks to justin timberlake who goaded her into it. >> a terrific follow-up. >> we'll talk to his parents about that. only did it it in two takes. how about the beauty pageant circuit losing a between after 6-year-old eden wood is hanging
up her crown. now, she and her mother tell us why she's really saying good-bye and, lahr remarks you've talked to her a time or two. >> she is something and is it the beginning of the end for super group the black eyed peas? we'll find out. what is going -- >> what's going on? >> oh, no. >> sam is back. >> you guys remember when "bert the conqueror" took me on that trip and then shot us out on -- >> sam, sam. >> shot us on the side of the cliff. i've always wanted to did this. a super lift outside the studio. 3 1/2, 4 stories up. are you all right. >> yes, you operating it is scaring me. willy-nilly. >> he's not breathing. >> aaagh!
>> get us lower. get us lower. >> on the travel channel, we'll talk to them in a little bit.t. but as soon as josh stops laughing we'll have some news. he loves bert. >> okay. we're ready. one day after warning that social security checks may not go out next month a long shot proposal could help president obama now raise the debt limit and avoid a catastrophic default. republican senate leader mitch mcconnell offered a proposal that would authorize the president to raise the debt ceiling on his own without permission from the bitterly divided congress. negotiations will resume today. a shocking new report about security at the nation's airports despite the crackdown after the 9/11 attacks, airport security has been breached more than 25,000 times since november of 2001. but the tsa says those ink dents
represent only a tiny fraction of the billions of passengers screened over the last decade. and a former producer on tv's cystic fibros"survivor" had back. bruce beresford-redman has been held since november, a few months after his wife's body was found in a sewer in cancun where they and their children were vacation. children now make up only 24% of the population. a record low and means a smaller workforce will have to support the growing number of elderly. 13% of the population is over 65, but that will balloon to some 20% by midcentury. and their recent trip to north america made one thing ababdantly clear. prince william and his wife catherine are the epitome of newly wedded bliss but that is certainly not the case for monaco's royally newlyweds. prince albert and his bride chalene wittstock and nick watt
is in london with the scoop. good morning to you, nick. >> reporter: good morning, josh. well, they're on honeymoon but it's hardly a fairy tale much the groom has a paternity suit hanging over his head and his bride looks like, well, looks like she's sucking on a lemon. now we hear separate beds. [ applause ] >> it is the honeymoon from hell. a kiss and a grimace. ouch. >> any time she was seen to smile was at a charity event for archbishop desmond tutu where she was by herself without her husband. >> reporter: now confirmation the unhappy couple spent at least one night apart. >> he wanted to avoid the traffic in the morning so as to get to early meetings so he stayed there leaving poor old charlene ten miles up the coast at a seaside hotel. you have to ask why couldn't charlene have stayed there?
>> reporter: in the french press the wedding was just a deal, a secret arrangement. >> you have to consider why they've gone through what looks like a pretty painful event. in the end the speculation is all that, yes, the reason for the marriage is to choose this heir and do what they can to produce the heir then we will see what happens. >> reporter: not true says charlene's father who says marrying his daughter to a prince is like winning the world cup. he calls this scandalous. charlene and albert 0 are now on what they're calling their secret honeymoon away from the glare of the press and, josh, let's just hope they're having some fun. >> fingers crossed stateside, nick. nick watt in london. our diane gun with a preview of tonight's "world news." >> good morning, we've been joining forces with an incredible american neighborhood to find things made in america that we all may want to buy to
help create more american jobs. tonight, you will see them. tell us what you think. get ready to be surprised tonight on "world news". >> thank you, diane. finally crocodile dundee didn't actually exist. we ask you does this croc -- tourists got a look at this massive crocodile. brutus, 17 feet long. >> is that real? >> that's the question, robin roberts. you're always asking the best ones. >> is it real? they swear, the photographer selling the photo, this is brutus and very much real. i can't believe it. >> i don't buy it. >> if that's actually real that seems like 35 feet long. i mean, that's the head essentially. look where it is relative to the people next to it. they are -- or they're the calmest tourists i've ever seen. >> i'm not in that photo. >> you would be a good private
eye because seeing that. >> if that's real i don't want to say what i'm thinking. >> to the hot news heat index. turn it over to lara. what's cool and what's not? >> right to it. we start in pop news with a very buzzy story. no pun intended. all right. there is new research on food. the next time you eat an entire bag of chips, it may not be totally four fault, they trigger marijuana like chemicals in other bodies that make it difficult to stop eating that food. remember the old potato chip slogan, bet you can't eat just one, now we know why. let's move on. yikes, a move by netflix that many users say is just outrageous. the nation's leading movie rental service raising its prices as much as 15% and customers not taking too kindly to the news. on social media they're going
nuts. since the news was released more than 27,000 people have responded on netflix facebook page and nearly all of them critical. i will spare you the details. next up in the pop news index their latest album is called the beginning but could it be the end for the black eyed peas. saint it ain't so. on their last concert they told the audience it was a special show because it is "the last time we will be in england for a long timing." what does that mean? will i. am said they would take a break. they released that black one, the end. remember they were amazing on "gma" last summer. we hope it's not the end. keep you posted on that. finally, if you're looking for a summer read, next year, simon & schuster has confirmed they will post a second book by
"jersey shore" star snooki. her extended best-selling novel is called "gorilla beach" and covers her cousins and the fight for the sexiest summer ever and that's what happening in the pop news heat index. >> best summer ever. >> thank you very much. >> not you but robin -- >> i didn't know we were clamoring for a follow-up. great for somebody. meanwhilele this is my most favorite day on "gma." i've always wanted to do this. >> you but not bert so mumu. first of all, i thought it was just the glare of the lights but bert is actually bright red. >> we are making sure he's all right. he's okay but he does generally does not like heights. >> we could be on a 50-foot roller skate. likely you might not be
hanging four stories up taking a look at the view. how is times square? >> it is gorgeous. it is gorgeous, man. this is such a fun trip. >> we'll come down just a little bit and get to that. >> tell me when you're going to lower it. >> cooler weather as of today right into new england and to the northeast, chicagoland, part of those cooler temperatures. things seem to be much better as many the heat goes in that direction and hot spots, as well. into the deep south temperatures will stay warm. here is where they are tao. a quick look at the flyby. you're going home toward l.a. >> omaha. >> you got a shoot in omaha. >> funny bone, baby. >> hot and humid and more comfortable near the east coast. "bert the conqueror, >> looking at temperatures in the upper 80s. cloudy skies. for thunderstorms later
afternoon with a 40% see them as the front slides through. we have the cooler, less humid air on the way for tonight. temperatures in the mid-sixties low or '70s. tomorrow, you will love it. around 85 degrees. no heat index and very >> if we survive we'll have more weather -- >> what? >> lara, how about what's going on? >> please be nice to poor bert. >> doesn't matter if he hangs on. i don't think that's keeping him up there. all right, guys, here's a look at what's coming up ahead. dare to become a date with a hollywood beauty. the real story behind the movie star and the marine. and what happens when the tiaras aren't enough anymore? 6-year-old beauty eden wood says it's time to retire.
sam's bff, "bert the conqueror," all that coming up on "gma." [ female announcer ] it follows you wherever you go. it's a cloud of depression. and although you've been on an antidepressant for at least six weeks, you're frustrated that your depressive symptoms are still with you. seroquel xr, when added to an antidepressant, is approved for the treatment of major depressive disorder. for many, taking seroquel xr with an antidepressant was proven more effective than an antidepressant alone for treating unresolved symptoms of depression. talk to your doctor about seroquel xr. then visit for a free trial offer. call your doctor if you have unusual changes in mood, behavior, or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children,teens, and young adults. elderly dementia patients taking seroquel xr have an increased risk of death. call your doctor if you have fever, stiff muscles, and confusion,
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>> sergeant moore. you can call me scott. >> like a story out of hollywood, the movie star and the marine. >> i want to take a moment out of my day and take you to the ball. >> sergeant scott moore got his wish, a date with mila kunis with a little help from her co-star from "friends with benefits." accepted on national tv. >> this needs to happen. >> i'll do it for you. >> the youtube video seen almost a million times is all over the media. moore who is still in disbelief is thrilled. i always thought i had a chance and sometimes that's all you need. it's going to be a great experience to meet her and it's going to make the ball more special for everyone. >> sergeant moore. >> he says his video started out as a bet with members of his platoon and was shot in two takes. the first one was without sunglasses but i was squinting too much because it was so bright so we shot the one i
uploaded to youtube. the rest of the marines liked it so i posted it that day. while the balance cannot till november moore says he cannot thank everybody enough including his wingman justin timberlake. he writes jokingly. it's nice he can get over the jealousy to help a brother out. just kidding. >> the proud parents of that lucky sergeant russell and diane moore. thank you very much. and, russ, let me start with you. your son has served in iraq. he's now in afghanistan. it must warm your heart and that of your wife to see some down moments like that. that he's able to have fun and relax a little bit. >> it definitely does. that's what hit me initially when i saw it was, boy, am i glad that he has a moment to be able to take time to do something fun because i know they put in extremely long hours
and a lot of hard work goes in over there. >> and we appreciate his service. i want you to know that and the sacrifices that you and your wife are making too. diane, when you saw the video and i got to tell you, he's strutting his stuff. he's like, hey, mila, what's up? is that his character? is that your son's character? >> pretty much, yes. >> it didn't surprise you at all that he would do something like this? >> i guess not. >> and, russ, is he a fan of mila's? were you surprised -- has he talked a lot about her? >> i mean he's always been a fan and we've watched her on tv, but i never would have dreamt it would have been to this extent. >> i don't think many would have thought that it would have gone this far but you got to give some credit to justin timberlake. he helped your son out, didn't he? >> sure did. we want to thank he and mila for
supporting the troops and in this way. it means a lot to us. >> i'm sure it does and for all of us to know that they're having that moment and even your son said everyone is going to have a good time at the balance. so you all are from a small town. in pittsburgh right now but from grove city, p.a., about 8,000. so, diane, what has been the reaction around town about scott and his big date? >> oh, our phone has not stopped ringing and from the sound of things he is the talk of town. >> does he take after his dad? would his dad -- was he smooth like that with some -- >> i can't picture him doing that. >> how proud are you, russ, of your son and his service? >> i love him very much and am very appreciative of what he's becoming, what he stands for.
i appreciate just everything that he and all the servicemen and women are doing to protect us at this very moment. >> you know what, that's the best way to end this. thank you for saying that and we echo those sentiments. russ and diane, i know you haven't seen him since the holidays, and praying for him and all the others there that he'll be home safe and sound real soon. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. you all take care. send us any pictures you might take of the ball if you want to send them our way. we'd love to see him in action. y'all take care. >> great to see that. it really is. here's a story you don't hear about too often. retirement at the age of 6. we told you before about eden wood from "toddlers and tiaras." after wracking up win after win, eden is hanging up her tiara and andrea canning is here to explain why. >> doesn't seem like she's been competing long enough or for that matter been alive long enough to retire from anything
but eden and her mom don't see this as an ending but a new beginning. is eden ready for the big time or should she just go back to snack and nap time? take a look. ♪ >> reporter: she lives for the glitz. the glamour. the applause. >> tell her what you want to be when you grow up. >> a superstar. >> reporter: at just 6 years old eden wood is a pioneer of the pageant world, 300 wins. >> eden wood! [ applause ] >> reporter: but say it ain't so. at the young age of 6, eden is hanging up her crown for now and just made her final appearance on the hilt show "toddlers "toddlers & tiaras." >> the celebrity treatment. >> do you think eden is bigger than pageants now. >> i think she's following in the footsteps of some pretty big people that have done pageants like oprah winfrey. >> reporter: but eden and her
manager/mother mickey aren't done with showbiz but just trading it in for a bigger piece of the pie hoping to build a mini eden empire from the princess canopy bed to a showgirl and memoir "from cradle to crown." all this from a girl who hasn't even learned cursive yet. >> are you teaching her what's important is to become famous. >> no, so much of her life is not about that. as long as she's enjoying what she's doing, momma going to keep doing it. if it leads to the miliary cyrus or selena gomez or whoever status, so be it. if it doesn't, that's fine too. >> reporter: have you and mickey written the new manual on creating your own success? >> i'd like to think that mickey and a have written -- created a manual that people want to emulate in her future.
it's like nothing else anybody has done. i hope we haven't meshed it up so much that people will say i'd love to do this for my child. >> reporter: we caught up with them on a midwest mall tour called eden wood and the glamour girls. a variety show with pageant que queens heres. the tour is a chance for her to perform new songs off her upcoming album. ♪ it's called the -- >> after making almost a thousand dollars off "cutie patootie". ♪ they call me cutie patootie ♪ shaking my booty >> but the song and performance drew glares from the host of the show. >> i can't believe the disgust and disdain. if you want to attack somebody, attack me. i mean, come on. you have a performance family. you know, come on. my kid is no different. >> sharon osborne made rude comments and this song was
written in her stead. ♪ i'm the other -- ft. >> mickey retaliated with a song directed at sharon osborne called "under puppy." the kid version of an underdog but sharon osborne seems like a puppy compared to some of the comments she received on her facebook page. death threats over an upcoming appearance in australia. one person wrote "go shoot yourself now." another said "we don't want your type of american trash here." >> it's not any different than a lot of the controversy over here. it's just so new to them and it's shocking and, again, they pick the most sensational part of "toddlers & tiaras." >> reporter: eden has been working hard and at times it is too much for a little girl she admits. >> you want to go to bed, huh. i'm sorry, boo. >> reporter: do you ever think she's too grown up for her age? >> yeah. >> her pictures always make her look so old.
>> i think sh too much for a child this young. she's ready to go eat, get out of her clothes and just be a little girl. if i push her too hard i'm not doing anything but destroying my child. >> reporter: does mickey think all of her pushing will have paid off if eden makes it big? >> why not if we can't have a hollywood contract or a reality show or whatever, you know. a spot on a disney program. why not? it's the american dream. it's almost like her destiny. >> reporter: and eden is hoping for a reality show auditioning for movies and about to sign a big hollywood agent. one of the things that happened on that tour that you saw was a lot of fighting between the moms. >> boy, that doesn't shock me after seeing some of that, okay. we wish eden good luck as she tries to become the next oprah. you got a big day coming up. you'll be guest host of "the view" for the first time. >> billy ray sire russian is the guest and a lot of hot top picks.
is ane and in hd, this abc7 news update. good wednesday morning. am pamela brown. but get a check on the roads. it has been interesting. on 3 hacker 95 northbound that has been taking care of. delays are going to king st.. we have a crash on 395 northbound that has been taking care of. 270 traffic. but at this. is getting out of germantown. is close to 28. one more picture before you head
outside. that is things improving of to king st.. a busy traffic day, and a morning across the mid- atlantic. cold front on the way. that will give us a chance for a few thunderstorms. upper 80s to lower 90s. clear out by sunset tonight, and then less humidity. here is the forecast for tomorrow. r thans not get much bette this for to live. mid-eighties and low humidity. -- it does not get much better r fo america's top young in dc today for the launch of an initiative. a national nonprofit group by americansun age of 30 is encouraging americans to byport companies founded entrepreneur worse. the founders of
social. we will be back with another update at 8:56. hope you up a great rest
♪ alabama driving to tennessee >> we are getting ready for our big brad paisley concert in central park on friday. one of our faves. if you're here, be there. if you're ht in new york, you got the best seat in the house. brad paisley. di even hear myself? >> i heard you. >> no, brad paisley is coming on friday. check out who we have here right now in our green room, nfl quarterback mark sanchez, the gang green room. he is tweeting. he has almost 500,000 followers and he's figured out a way to
turn those tweets into money for worthy charities. >> look at those thumbs. >> he's working out fast. get ready to laugh hard. john berman has an exclusive with seth meyers backstage with his brand-new gig. yes, always very funny. we'll tell you about that coming up. >> speaking of funny, i don't know if you were with us at the top of the hour but sam's got a special guest whose squeal alone will drop you to -- there he is. "bert the conqueror." >> we did a show where bert took me out and shot me in a slingshot over the side of a mountain so we'll show that later this morning. i figured i would take bert for a ride up. are you ready? >> yeah, i'm totally ready. >> because bert doesn't like heights. >> don't you need to be a union operator. >> no, they gave me a two-second thing and i know what i'm doing. i don't want to hit the side of the wall. >> don't worry. i'm watching.
to the boards. one or two things you need to know. the cooling trend has settled in and it will cover a good part of the country. but not everybody will feel better, though. your twitter pictures were telling us how hot the temperatures were from your dashboards all over the country, we'll post those on facebook. the three-day cooler air is what we're talking about. on the west coast as our flyby shows you, the west coast seems removed from all the heat in the middle of the country. how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling good. really good. >> the heat stays in the deep south where it is really going >> lower humidity and a day ahead. nighttime lows in from high atop times square directly beside our --
>> no one is in there. >> all that weather brought to you by ocean spray sparkling juice drink. lara? >> thank you very much. be nice to him. very funny. speaking of funny, john berman has more than a little excited when he found out he was going to be able to cover the biggest party in sports, the espys and right now you'll tell us about your exclusive, the one and only seth meyers. >> pretty much the best thing that ever happened me. the world's biggest athletes and celebrities in the same room at the same time. it happens only once a year at the espys and i got to go behind the scenes with this insanely funny host seth meyers. ♪ ki be a tennis ball >> where else can you see jamie foxx ser needing serena williams." >> reporter: or making their moves or seth meyers taking aim,
not at the president but tiger woods. >> we all know which free agent is making the most summer thmon, elin nordegren. >> reporter: the annual sport as ward show. somewhere in between the academy awards in cleats or the super bowl in a strapless gown. it has everything including what might be the single most important yet unlikely ingredient for an awards show. >> seth meyers! >> reporter: meyers, the longtime star and head writer on "saturday night live" is hosting for the second year in a row. he is a huge sports fan. how much do you like the red sox? >> i like the red sox the most of anythings i like. >> reporter: we spent the day with him behind the scenes as he prepared to ridicule some of his heroes. >> some of these guys are very big. >> right. >> reporter: are you afraid they'll beat you up? >> they're all bigger than me and even if they're smaller than
me they're faster, so, no, i don't have that much fear about getting beat up. i just have fear of like -- i think they could just look at my sideways and i'd melt with fear and that would be more embarrassing. >> reporter: did that happen at all last year. >> i told a joke about brett frafshg. >> he's so old he remembers the first brett favre is old joke. >> he stone-faced me in the audience. i made the mistake of looking at him. he gave me a laugh later. >> reporter: meyers does have some recent experience working tough crowds. >> what happened to you? when you were sworn in you looked like the guy from the old spice commercials. now you look like louis gossett sr. you know, the white house correspondents dinner was more intimidating just because who was there. you know, people that can use the irs to investigate you. people that can, you know, deny you permits.
>> reporter: and, of course, people like donald trump. meyers went after trump hard. >> donald trump has been saying that he will run for president as a republican which is surprising since i just assumed he was running as a joke. >> done napdz trump didn't seem to love the jokes you were telling? >> based on nonverbal communication, i would agree with you. >> donald trump often appear os on fox because fox often appears on donald trump's head. >> reporter: trump even attacked seth's delivery. >> he said i had marbles in my mouth. yeah, look, it's hard because i value his judgment so much so it was really hard thing to hear. i'm going to do my best. i'm going to do my best to bounce back. >> reporter: but at the espys instead of trump in the crowd he'll have celebrities from paris hilton to ryan reynolds, even justin bieber. >> how are you doing. >> reporter: and he'll have
talented and tall colleagues to work with. >> action. >> we'll do anything for you. >> reporter: seth helped write a skit for basketball megastars blake griffin and kevin love taking the work very seriously. >> so how do you warm up for a big shoot like this. >> i was just sitting here eating pretzels. i don't know what i'm going to do from here on out. >> reporter: how concerned are you that people won't laugh when they watch this? >> i haven't really thought about that till now so thank you. i don't know. i mean it should be kind of funny. i mean i'll laugh. >> reporter: we will all be laughing and no matter what, remember the mantra of the espys, win or lose, everybody goes to a party. so one of the conditions for us being there we couldn't give away the jokes that blake and kevin would tell but they are hilarious. seth told me they are two of the funniest athletes he's ever seen. >> seth really is hands on writing all these jokes himself.
>> he was the head writer along with other "saturday night live" writers. >> a good one, 9:00 tonight, the espys airing on espn. 9:00 eastern. check that out, john, i don't know if you noticed but sam is way up high. >> i can't even seen him. >> with bert the conquerer
i like that line. i think it works. back now with bert the conquerer. on his travel channel show, his biggest fear take on whitewater rafting and bungee jumping taking sam along on the episode that will air tonight and sam is taking revenge by running him up and down times square all morning long. >> i'm getting used to it. >> i've gotten very comfortable up here. it's pretty nice.
once you get comfortable with the sway. >> but here the thing, can we give ahot out to. >> adrian. >> he is. he's like no hands holding everything up there. but i will tell you what i love about bert's show, he is genuinely taking on things that bother him and make imuncomfortable. i thought there wasn't anything you were going to dish out that made me afraid but he schooled me in fear. take a look. >> bert the conquerer is a man full of fear. >> everything is safe. you swear to god? >> but that doesn't stop him. whether it's ripping the rapids or blasting a bungee my friend bert faces his fears head on his travel channel reality show and in a new one it's all about the screams. as "gma" viewers already know, i was ready to test my fears when
i joined him in a white-knuckle adventure in colorado for an episode on his tv show, take a look. >> i'm bert the conqueror and i give you sam the champion. >> i thank you, bert the conquer querrey. >> we're a shakes pearian play now. we brought the luck and in the words of my ride partner let's get to the boards. >> here we go. >> here we go! >> hello. >> aaagh! here we go. oh! >> the out of control plunge shakes me to the core. >> woo! and twister two lever lets up as we pinball through a gauntlet of turns and drops. >> woo. >> aaagh!
>> oh. that was fantastic. that was awesome. >> that was amazing. >> i heard sounds that i haven't heard come out of you. you had a rage. you have like -- >> we sounded like a wimbledon match. the look on your face when you saw the tunnel. >> and he looks perfect. >> turns out the all wood roller coaster was just a warm-up. our real fear challenge, the adventure park and it's awesome, giant canyon swing. >> oh. oh, geez. >> wow!
>> oh! >> aagghhh! >> how are you doing? are you all right? >> aaghh! >> i'm not looking at that. >> oh. >> don't look. don't look. >> i'm not looking. i'm not looking. >> oh, my gosh. >> i wanted to see every minute of that again. but now, bert, i got to tell you -- >> we would be the worst cops like funny cops. aagh! >> but couou be a good show. the thing i love about you, you're the most genuine person i've come across. people need to know that these are things you challenge yourself with and you have to step across a line every time
you do one of these things so how do you -- how do you get yourself psyched up? >> you know what, i just think to myself this will look great at my funeral. really, these will be the pictures they'll put next to the casket and everyone will go he lived an amazing life. sam champion, get out of here. he's friend with sam champion. you better be at that funeral. >> unless this is where we go first. this will not be good. let me say, or let me ask you this, the worst fear that you had to conquer on the show, what was the one that was just like, nah, i don't think it's worth it. >> height is something that i've consistently had to work on. jumping off the stratosphere was overwhelming. it's as tall as the sears tower like jumping off a skyscraper and throwing up all night. working with animals -- you >> just calm down a little bit. you can't say that. >> ostrich, don't disembowel me.
let's hang out. >> bert knows every bad thing that could happen, period. >> i research ef catastrophe -- >> hire hooves could tear you apart. >> they did it to johnny cash, i'm not sure. >> that was the worst one. all right, and now you've got a second show that comes out, as well. >> this show is so funny, "bert the conqueror," very similar. it's like cash cab on a roller coaster. you put people on a roller coaster and ask them questions and you will be shocked at how bad they do. it is hilarious. >> all right. then our show, the show you and i did -- >> travel channel, 10:00 p.m. and one of my favorite episodes. me and you are awesome together. i'm smelling spin-off. >> we're at least funny. that much i'll -- >> sam's big smile. >> spin-off. >> i never watch an interview from this angle.
>> i'm guessing that slingshot never happened. >> no, no. we're good. right here. >> as sam said on "bert the conqueror," travel channel, 10:00. when we come back nfl superstar mark sanchez. for a good cause. what's up, smart?
oh, just booked a summer vaycay. ooo. sounds pricey? nah, with the summer sale, you can find awesome deals for places nearby. interesting... wow, i'm blown away.
you look great. summelesale, save up to 30%. and get a free kindle. be smart. book smart. mark sanchez considered one of the great young stars in the nflg but he's also quite the giver. he joins us today as the spokesman and part of the giving made simple campaign. i know twitter is ininlved. you're a young guy. you've got quite a twitter followowg, over 400 you thousand. explain the campaign. >> basically what they're doing, sam's club has agreed to donate $2 million through the month of
july to four different charities, alliance for a healthier generation, the "y," sesame street and all d dferent demographics and promoting the prevention of disease whether oral health care or staying active in your 50s and older. they'll give back with every vote. log on and $5 goes to the charity of your choice. it's a great way for me to help give back. we're in a lockout. i'm looking for things to do and perfect partnership because i try to stay healthy for my line of work i have to stay healthy and promote those habit. >> your line of work is as quarterback of the new york jets. you've already played in a couple of afc title games early on in your career. you hear a lot about being the endorsement capital of the world but also it is the philanthropic capital of the world. what's it like to be here and have those opportunities to give back? >> the world to me.
the hardest part is to say no to some charities because you can't do it all. the star power you get in new york, the derek jeters, madonnas, they're here and they use their celebrity to do it. whether online, social media. generating interest through social media, it's great. >> quickly, you mentioned it, 2 123 days of the lockout looming on the horizon. are we going to have football. >> i think it's happening soon. everything i'm hearing is positive. i hope we get started on time so we don't miss camp and guys get injured. we were so close two years in a row. i want to get back. >> are you ready for football? >> yeah. >> really cool. very cool. >> oh, yeah. a "sportscenter" episode breakdown. there will be football. >> there will be football. >> i didn't promise. i'm saying -- >> can you go long?
>> sign her up. very good. very good. mark sanchez, giving made simple is the website. you got it. we'll be right back. [ kimberly ] when i was 19, i foundnd mndself ane
with two children and no way to supupport them. people told me i wwasn't going to do anything. and i just decided i have more to offer than that. i put myself through nursing school, and then i decided to go get a doctorate degree. university of phoenix gave me the knowledge to make a difference in people's lives. my name is dr. kimberly horton. i manage a network of over a thousand nurses, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] find your program at
i got to tell you this is a heck of a class photo right here. mark, thanks for joining in this morning. >> i think you have a future in stand-up. >> you think so? >> stay away from football. thanks for watching today. >> remember, all the news all day long plus that laugh. >> and the soccer. the u.s. women are at it in france, 11:30 on espn. >> all: usa, usa, usa. s is an, and in hd, thi
abc7 news update. . thank you for watching the roads. look at it has been tough for drivers across the bridge crash. that will cost you time through lanes and local lanes. of maryland and virginia. things are in proving. crash well before king st. was quite some time ago the baltimore washington parkway all georgia ave. and this is south on 270 at grove road show -- shady grove road. to the weather center grab theyet to come umbrella dusting case. about a 40% chance for a few showers and thunderstorms as they move into hours. rnoon this evening, less humid. tomorrow, are you ready for a
beautiful day? it is on the way i promise. temperatures around 85 degrees. lots of sunshine and wind out of around three to 8 miles per hour. our temperatures will warm back upper 80s by sunday. head over to for the forecast andr more. >> it turns out the d.c. not get into the gun business. the congressman has withdrawn a allow them tod operate temporarily. and thank you for watching. we will be back at noon. and have a great day.